Succession Planning

Our premier Leadership Consulting offering –CEO and Senior Executive Succession Planning– is used widely by our clients and is one of today’s most critical issues for Boards and Management Teams. We balance risk management with a developmental focus, helping you to get the right leader in place with our honest assessment of fit. At the same time, we provide insight and a rich developmental experience to help grow and retain the best internal talent for the long-term. Our Succession Planning approach includes:

  • Determining the role profile by gathering organizational data and creating an expanded role description that highlights all of the necessary technical and behavioral requirements of the position.
  • Identifying potential successors and assessing them against the expanded role profile with an emphasis on uncovering each leader’s strengths, gaps, and organizational culture fit. This includes development activities and feedback mechanisms related to each potential successor.
  • Leveraging the data gathered across candidates and comparing leaders on key elements of the role profile, such as responsibilities, qualifications, leadership behaviors and qualities, and long-term potential. Depending on the available candidates and timeline, an appointment decision can be made or an internal candidate is further developed.
  • Ensuring a successful transition is critical once a successor has been identified. As part of our process, we include ongoing executive coaching to support a smooth, streamlined integration into the role, with few setbacks or missteps. Additionally, we collect confidential feedback after the first 9-months in role as a way to help the incumbent address issues proactively and lead effectively.
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