Board and Director Recruitment

When you are in the process of recruiting a director for your board of directors, there are a few critical areas you will want to explore with your potential candidates.

With our presence in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Toronto and Singapore, Ferguson Partners Ltd. can offer a wide range of diversity both in industries and potential candidates. One of the key characteristics of a candidate is the passion he or she has for your business. Why would this candidate want to be associated with your firm at such a high level? Your potential board member should have the best interests for your firm and its customers in mind.

Recruiting A Director For Your Board

Ferguson Partners Ltd., a part of the FPL Advisory Group family of companies, conducts many searches globally each year for C-suite executives and other senior business leaders, as well as Board of Director positions. FPL’s consultants have acted as trusted advisors to senior leaders at companies throughout the real estate, healthcare and financial services industries. We have learned that the most effective board members are accomplished in the following three major areas:

1. Brand or corporate ambassador

2. Advocate for your firm and products or services

3. A brave, curious and inquiring nature

Perhaps the most difficult role is that of the inquirer. Over decades of experience with board recruitment, our firm has developed the following four-part process:

1.  Analyze the needs of your company and the role of a director in your firm

2.  Identify potential candidates and organize the interview process

3.  Referencing the lead candidate to complete our due diligence

4.  Facilitate a smooth process of bringing the parties together

It is important to completely understand what your firm is looking for in a candidate. What will he or she contribute? What level of experience do you need in a highly effective board member? What kind of experience would add the greatest value to your board right now?

It is critical for a successful recruitment to identify as many candidates as possible and contact them in a positive way. Determining the actual background of a candidate – referencing – may be the most important activity. The reference process has to be thorough, complete and accurate.

FPL Advisory Group is a global professional services firm specializing in executive and director recruitment, compensation consulting, and organizational, financial & strategic consulting. For more than 20 years, FPL’s consultants have acted as trusted advisers to senior leaders at companies throughout the real estate and financial services industries. If you would like to explore whether or not our assistance would be valuable to your company, please call our office today.

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